Friday, January 3, 2014

New Blog Redirect

Hey all , so here's the link to the new blog!

A few changes.

1. I have changed up the topic of the blog a bit, from politics to more of a broad advocacy with a focus on mental health. It was heading there anyway toward the end, so you won't notice it to be too different. :)

2. My own domain name. (so exciting)

3. Regular posts. Below is the schedule. I'm a structured girl, so this helps me a lot, and helps you, as a reader know what to expect! Are you following me because you want to know more about Mental Health? Great! Check in on Mondays. Interested in hearing about my faith/life journey? Check in on Friday.

Mental Health Mondays: This is where I explore a mental health topic. I do my best to keep them related to seasonal events, or something new I have come across in my own work. (No groundbreaking scientific discoveries, just a student who has discovered something new for herself.) Simple. Relevant. Informative.

Encouraging Wednesdays: This is the day that I post a small graphic I have created or will re-post from another site to provide encouragement to both myself and you for the midweek!  I don’t know about you, but Wednesdays are the most difficult for me to stay motivated and stick to my goals.
Wild and Free Fridays: This is inspired by Naptime Diaries Wild and Free series. It is based on the idea, that where the Lord is, there is Freedom. So Fridays will usually be a story from my life as a social work student, wife, Jesus lover, or anything wild and free!

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